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The Journey:

*Please ONLY input dollar amount in numbers (ie 50)*
Do not label as ($50, $50.00 or 50.00) as donation button will not work in this format. 

As a passionate singer, songwriter & performer, I have developed amazing songs that are ready to be recorded and debuted to the world on a national stage. This will be my first full length album and second body of work since the debut of my self - titled EP in 2015.

While writing these songs I have had the opportunity to travel overseas, grace amazing stages and met some awesome people! Due to  my ability to step outside of my fears and embrace my life's true meaning, I've been inspired to show others that their dreams can also come true. They too can fly, soar and take hold of their destiny! As a result I’m calling this album “Watch Me Fly!” because it represents stepping out on faith and living your dreams!

At this step in my journey, I have gathered the courage to ask the world for generosity in hopes I might give birth to the next phase of my destiny! 

You Support will go towards:

Total Cost: $7k, 10 songs

  • Studio Time for Recording songs

  • Mixing & Mastering (giving the record it's sound; making it radio-ready)

  • An Engineer (to properly capture sounds)

  • a Nationwide Promotional campaign 

    • Photoshoot​s

    • Promo tour

    • Video production

    • Advertising campaign

  • Reproduction of physical copies (yes, CDs!) with full artwork/photos

Rewards Levels:

  • $10 -    THANK YOU! (I'm SUPER grateful!)

  • $15 -   Digital Download (You'll receive a digital download of the project once complete.)

  • $35 - Concert Ticket + Digital Download  (You will receive a ticket to the CD release party)

  • $55 -  Physical copy: Full Color CD (You will receive a physical copy of the album PLUS a digital download and concert ticket.)

  • $75 - Personalized Video THANK YOU! (You will receive a personalized thank you video PLUS digital download + concert ticket + CD)

  • $150 - Record an acoustic cover video  (You will receive a personalized video of me singing an acoustic version of a song of your choice from the Bri Luv EP PLUS digital download + Concert ticket + CD)

  • $500 - Acoustic Solo Performance (Solo performance at your venue, home or backyard *Subject to travel restrictions/availability PLUS Digital Download + CD)

  • $1,000 - Album credit (You will receive co - executive producer credit PLUS digital download + CD + Personalized THANK YOU + 4 concert tickets)

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